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Japan Trips: Maps, Travel Planner & Tourist Guide

Complete japan travel guide! Discover destinations, create custom maps & more! Japan Trips is your personal travel guide when on vacation or traveling around the country. Whether you need to find a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot, a restaurant to eat in or an interesting travel destination to add to your itinerary, Japan Trips gives you unlimited access to Japan – at your fingertips!

App Features

SAVE YOUR TRAVEL PLANS Ever seen destinations and tourist spots you’d love to visit, only you forget to visit them once you’re in the country? Japan Trips lets you save web pages of travel spots, destinations and other locations you come across online, in magazines or on TV and access them any time you want! Whether you’re planning to visit beautiful mountains, hotels, spas, ryokan, restaurants or events, save them with Japan Trips to ensure you don’t forget about them and have the perfect vacation to Japan.

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CREATE YOUR TRAVEL ITINERARY & CUSTOM MAPS Don’t just plan your travel itinerary with a list – put your itinerary on an interactive map! Using our map of Japan, you’ll be able to add custom points with web clippings from websites you’ve found or select one of the pre-loaded points of interest.
・Over 70,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots
・Over 700 tourist information centers
・Over 4,000 rail stations and other public transport stops
・Over 2,000 amazing must-see tourist spots
・All airports in Japan Using our interactive map and itinerary planner, you can start creating your perfect trip to Japan right now! Why wait?!

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・Easily clip content from the web, magazines and TV to save for later
・Sort through your clipped material to find items in your travel list easier
・View a full, detailed map of Japan
・Organise you travel plans and itinerary into separate, easy to manage categories
・Browse tourist spots, destinations, restaurants, Wi-Fi hotspots and more
・Over 75,000 points of interest on the map ・Create custom maps and plan your itinerary on an interactive map
・Plan routes & get travel directions from Google Maps
・Japan Trips is a complete travel guide in your pocket!

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How to use Japan Trips

・Search online for information on Japan travel destinations, sight-seeing locations, restaurants and anything else.
・Clip any webpages you find to save them (you do not need the app open to do this)
・Open the app when you’re ready to plan your itinerary and check out your clipped item list
・Drag the location and address to the map to create an interactive map of your itinerary
・Display surrounding rail stations, transport links, Wi-Fi hotspots, tourist destinations etc
・More establishments such as surrounding rail stations, transport links, Wi-Fi hotspots, Hotels,restaurants,tourist destinations will be added on the map in the future.


・Want to visit Japan on tours, for travel, for work or on vacation
・Always forget to visit places and destination they wanted to go to
・Feel as though bookmarking browser pages with no real organisation can be messy and inconvenient
・Want to manage their travel itinerary easily and without any stress
・Want to experience the best Japan has to offer, including; hot springs, hotels, restaurants, bars, areas of natural beauty and more
・Enjoy travel and sight-seeing magazines like Lonely Planet, Mapple, Rurubu, Jalan etc and want to find more interesting things to do in Japan.

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