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Our stop was established in 1841. In the beginning, we were a dried goods store, but with the change of times and shift towards western fashion, we became infatuated with haute couture, or hand-made high fashion.
Our store is filled with things we chose from our heart, that make people feel good, can be worn and loved for a long time, and don’t wear over time. One customer confessed to us, “I’ve been wearing this for 20 years, and it’s still good as new! Though I can’t remember how much I bought it for…” Even though time passes and our customers may forget the price tag, the design endures.

Fashion is like a mirror that reflects who you are. It’s a happy feeling to wear things that show off your most fashionable self. It’s a happy feeling to get enjoyment and fulfillment from being a stylish woman or man!

To live is to thrive on the inside and outside. Even as times change, the intrigue of fashion is forever.

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Lotus Root Accessories - The Beauty of Gosen
Lotus root regular and clip on earrings
Lotus root brooch

The city of Gosen, named after five gushing springs of local lore, is blessed with water. From that abundance of water came the delicious and juicy white lotus root, which is called the Beauty of Gosen.

The lotus root is a cultural symbol. There are naturally created holes inside the root, which form a mysterious cross section and are associated with space. How many holes do you think are in one lotus root? Exactly as many holes as there are planets in our solar system! Upon solving this puzzle, even Einstein may write an essay out of surprise…

After learning of puzzle of the lotus root, a Milky Way hidden in a black hole, aren’t you even more interested??

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Don’t you think the shape of a lotus root is mysterious? These holes that transfer water and space are the sources of the plant’s life. According to one theory, these symbolic tunnels can be used to predict the future.
Tomorrow, by Azumi Tokuya:
In a garbage dump, a pea blossom blooms
From a marsh, a lotus grows
In everyone, there are seeds
Tomorrow what will blossom?

When I was in high school, this was engraved on the commemorative plaque on my school’s gate. This poem left a strong impression on me.

Twenty five years later, leaving high school and my city of Gosen had seen me in Tokyo, Matsumoto, traveling the world, and back.

My hometown has breathtaking scenery of nature and delicious fruits of the earth. But there was still room for more! Scenery, water, and space - soon the lotus roots locally grown in the Gosen I love became an accessory that can make you as radiant.

Lotus roots are always a unique shape. Even when cut side by side, there are differences in size among the slices; this is not to mention the change in shape with the each stage of drying.

Please enjoy all of the little details in our lotus root accessories!

Lotus Root Accessory Maker Meiko Sakai

Address: Niigata Prefecture, Gosen City, Honmachi 3-3-13
Phone from Japan: 0250 42 2430
Phone from Overseas: +81 250 42 2430
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 7 PM
Regular Store Closing: Sundays
New Year Closing: January 1-3
Golden Week Closing: May 3-5
Inventory Closing: June 1 until 2PM
Obon Closing: August 13 – 15
How to get here: 15 minute walk from JR Gosen Station

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